Business Excellence

Esprix Award

Business Excellence

In 2006 the Hotel SEEDAMM PLAZA was already elected a prize winner, and in 2010 – thanks to the continuous and consequent implementation of quality management procedures – the hotel received the “Esprix Award”.

This distinction is awarded once a year by ESPRIX, the foundation for outstanding achievement in improving competitive capability of enterprises or organizations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The foundation EFQM in Brussels is the supporting agency for the “Business Excellence” model, the most widespread management and rating model in Europe. Our employees live the business philosophy of the house. With their valuable proposals and by scrutinizing their own work processes, they actively contribute to increased competitiveness.  The continuously presented ideas and proposals have already caused a whole array of smaller or larger changes as defined by “Business Excellence”. The employees are the real pride of the SEEDAMM PLAZA.

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