As a company, we are committed to securing a sustainable future. We want to help preserve the basis of life for people, animals and plants for the present and future generations.

Environmental impact

We want to continuously reduce the environmental impact caused or influenced by our company (employees as well as partners and suppliers) and conserve resources by using them sparingly.

Raising awareness

We promote environmental awareness among our employees and oblige them to behave in an environmentally friendly manner in the workplace. We communicate regularly about our environmental performance.


We achieve the principles of our environmental policy by,

  • implementing an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO standard 14001
  • regularly reviewing direct and indirect environmental impacts, evaluating them, implementing measures for improvement and adapting them to changing conditions.
  • involve all areas and stakeholders in environmental management.
  • take the necessary measures in the areas we consider essential in order to reduce our environmental impact. In doing so, we implement an economically justifiable solution in each case, taking into account the available technology and possibilities.
  • commit ourselves to compliance with the environmental laws and regulations relevant to us.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into the renewal, acquisition, procurement and development of products and services.
  • commit ourselves to informing all employees about operational environmental protection and to promote environmental awareness through ongoing sensitization.
  • act as a role model as managers
  • involve external partners in a targeted manner for development and optimization.
    This includes, in particular, suppliers as well as cooperation partners and technical specialists.
  • inform interested parties (guests, customers, population, partners, suppliers) about the environmental results of our company
We review our environmental policy annually to ensure that it is up to date.
Our environmental officer is responsible for the maintenance of the environmental management system according to ISO 14001. He is supported by the environmental team as well as the management.

What else we do for the environment

  • Waste separation - beyond the legal requirements, metal, paper and cardboard, CD`s, credit cards, corks, food waste, glass, cans, illuminants, PET, batteries, porcelain, wax
  • Towels are not changed daily, only on request of the guest
  • Bed linen is not changed daily, but every 3 days or as needed
  • Soap and shower gel in hotel rooms is provided in refill dispensers. (Body lotion and other care products are provided to guests upon request and are not provided in the room from the beginning)
  • Use of energy-saving light sources, such as LEDs and energy-saving lamps (all Christmas lighting has been converted to LEDs, and we use energy-saving lamps in all hotel rooms)
  • Water saving inserts for faucets and shower heads, (since August 2009)
  • Purchase of reusable containers
  • Plastic key cards have been replaced by wooden cards
  • FSC paper is used wherever possible
  • Heat recovery system for cooling and ventilation systems
  • Motion detectors for ventilation systems
  • PLC control for optimal utilization of the systems (heat/ light/ cooling)
  • Grey water from osmosis plants is used for some toilet flushes
  • Roller shutters are closed for heat retention or in winter for heat conservation
  • motion detectors in the corridors
  • all lighting systems in public areas are dimmable
  • Acquisition of induction cookers
  • Employees are trained in the use of cleaning agents
  • Employees are trained in the handling of laundry consumption
  • Introduction of a breakage cash register to reduce breakage
  • Minibars in the rooms are replaced by energy-saving devices
  • Ecology is a requirement criterion in the selection of equipment and machinery
  • Participation in a pilot project of myclimate in order to be able to carry out climate-neutral overnight stays and events in the future
  • In the context of the exemption of CO2 taxes, energy consumption and purchases are continuously checked and adjusted according to the latest legal requirements
  • Products from the region are preferred
  • Product transparency for the guest on wine and food menus. Through our own label "one step further"
  • As a pilot operation and in cooperation with Heineken, the automatic beer tank was installed for sustainable management

Press release from November 25, 2022: Weihnachten und Strom sparen - geht das?

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