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Values & Visions



The management team of the SEEDAMM PLAZA has developed a clear vision of the future and has set challenging goals for itself. The future oriented perceptions are supported by the staff with great commitment and are being positively put to work. Our guests perceive these innovations actively and appreciate them. Until 2015 the SEEDAMM PLAZA will belong to the best of its field in the German speaking area. The new and creative services will be so popular in business circles as well as with private guests that the trend reversal will be accomplished and the firm will be managed in a sustainable, economically successful way. According to our vision we will represent an important center in the region of Lake Zurich by the year 2015. The international degree of popularity will also continually increase on a yearly basis.


Our mission clarifies the desire to be perceived as a creative and innovative hotel enterprise by our clients. We want to do justice to our own claim, to belong to the leading hotels in the meeting, convention and event field - this on a European scale. Our hotel, the business apartments and the gastronomy shall meet highest quality standards and satisfy the exacting demands of our guests. It is our concern to communicate trustfully with our clients in order to learn with which new ideas and innovative solutions we can yet better operate in a customer oriented way.

It is our aspiration to put locations and technical infrastructure at the disposal of our clients which offer much leeway for possibilities to unfold and to create.
A stay at the SEEDAMM PLAZA shall be an extraordinary experience, leaving positive impressions.


Jointly elaborated and defined values are an important success factor for us and are fundamental for our actions. They relate to our vision to be among the best in the hotel field in Europe. Integrity counts as a part of these values, as well as does the courage to stand up for one’s own convictions. We are open to change and we deal respectfully and in a fair way with both our staff and our clients. By adhering to our core values we create a benefit and fulfill our social responsibility. Each day we work on satisfying our clients. We have set challenging goals which we pursue in a result oriented way, taking advantage of the opportunities of the future. We work together as a team and take advantage of the diverseness of our employees to accomplish our tasks. “To be in a good mood” or “to be on the ball” is the leitmotif of our business culture.

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Blogpost Let's Codex!

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