Break & Game Room

Unlimited gaming for families, teenagers and seminar guests

There is a Break & Game Room with the latest consoles at the SEEDAMM PLAZA. Not only families with teenagers, but also seminar guests will have a good time. When team building and networking are required, gaming is just the right thing. The Break & Game Room features the latest games and high technical standards. In a pleasant ambience and cosy atmosphere, guests can relax and gather energy for the upcoming agenda items of the meeting.


Playstation 5_en

Gaming without limits: Playstation 5

Ultra-fast loading and even more unlimited fun is given by the Playstation 5. With the visual sound experience in 3-D audio, the haptic feedback and the adaptive trigger buttons, things get realistic. Even more so when two measure their skills. With two controllers, it's possible. Your teens will love gaming on the brand new Playstation. Our games:

  • Fifa 21
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2
  • Sackboy - A Big Adventure
X-Box Series S_en

Entertainment with the X-Box Series S

Racing fans love the Xbox. Hot racing games with daring overtaking maneuvers fascinate and bring excitement in real time. At the two racing seats with 2 force feedback steering wheels, e.g. father against son, daughter against mother or seminar participants can compete against each other. What a great way to build team spirit! Through the racing seats you experience excitement and performance first hand.

Our games:

  • DiRT 5
  • F1 2021 (available soon)
Nintendo Switch_en

The classic: Nintendo (Switch)

Nintendo Switch is one of the game scene's classics. Who has not encountered Mario, Pokémon, Donkey Kong and Zelda in their childhood?For the older ones, Splatoon & Co trigger nostalgic feelings and for mini-me pure enthusiasm. With Nintendo Switch, anything is possible: playing alone at the big screen or together with others./p>

Our games:

  • Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure
  • Nintendo Super Smash Bros.
  • Nintendo Super Mario Party



Goal! Foosball for fun and relaxation

«Kicker» (=the German expression for playing table soccer) is popular. It combines fast reactions with physical activity and great fun. It is exciting game for kids, but foosball tables have also established in everyday corporate life: They encourage to leave the desk for once and get some exercise. They foster communication and team spirit, release energy and stimulate creative thinking. For seminar guests, «kicker» is the perfect balance to sitting in the conference room. Relaxed and fresh, they can then move on to the next agenda items.



The darts sport is attracting more and more interest. In the Break & Game Room we have installed an electronic dart game with classic cabinet doors and dart holder in a frame. There are 29 games with 90 game variations available.



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