Experiences at the upper Lake Zurich

Water adventures around Pfäffikon


In 5 minutes walking distance you will reach Europe's largest indoor water park. With wellness and lots of slides. more

Lake of Zurich

Enjoy the view from the SEEDAMM PLAZA to the nature reserve Frauenwinkel of the lake and also the public beach resorts Pfäffikon, Freienbach und Bäch.

Island Lützelau

The idyllic island Lützelau lies with a small restaurant and campsite in the Lake of Zurich. The nature reserve can be reached by rental boat or the shuttle Lütz from Rapperswil-Jona. Who is not afraid of the effort, will rent a rowboat in Rapperswil for the 1.5 km long road. > more

Island Ufenau

The island can be reached by regular boat Ufnau from Pfäffikon or Rapperswil in a few minutes. Go for a 1.5 hour historical island tour or visit the restaurant open from april to october. Since 1987 the island is known for dairy farming and winegrowing. > more


Along a wooden bridge to Rapperswil-Jona


Rapperswil, the city of roses can be reached in about 1 hour along the Lake Zurich over a wooden bridge. Enjoy the lakeside promenade, various playgrounds and the shopping experience in the medieval old town. > more

Our recommendation: Rappi Trail, the digital city tour as a scavenger hunt with exciting quiz tasks. > more

Knies Children Zoo

The Zoo of the traditional Swiss Circus Knie is an attraction for young and old. Absolute highlights, if you are travelling with children, are the camel feeding spot, elephant rides and the sea lion show. > more

Bächlihof Jona

The farm in Jona is best known for its broad experience offer for families. Whether on the nature's playground or the goat enclosure, in the straw worlds in winter, picking your own fruits and vegetables or the "Öpfelgarte" with a labyrinth - there are also delicacies from the "HofChuchi" and farm shops. > more

Towards Einsiedeln

Kümin Wines

Near to SEEDAMM PLAZA are the vineyards of the brothers Kümin. Learn more about Schwyzer specialties at a tasting. > more


Following the "Rebpfad" you will walk through the region from Freienbach (Leutschenhaus), along the vineyards to Wilen and "Breiten" back to Freienbach. Walking distance is about 1 hour.> more

Convent of Einsiedeln

The history of the convent of Einsiedeln counts more than 1,000-years. Visit the monastery church, the Abbey Library and the "Frauenbrunnen". Another highlight is the illumination of the convent during the christmas market in November.> more

Einsiedeln Tourism

On the daily guided tour in german (without Sundays & holidays) from 2.00 pm to 3.45 pm you get a comprehensive insight into the history of the Benedictine monastery, with a visit of the monastery church and the library of the monastery as well as a slideshow. > more

...and on towards Schwyz


The chocolate manufactor Felchlin is located in Ibach near Schwyz. Felchlin is known for its exeptional chocolate quality in the catering as well as in the confectionery industry as a premium product. You will find first-class Grand Cru Couverture, semi-finished products in the exclusive shop. > more


Switzerland is world champion in the production of cherry-distillates. No one was more often honored therefor as Dettling. On the 45-minute tour you will learn all about "Kirsch". > more


The Swiss Army knife or the "Original Swiss Army Knife" won't be missing in a man's and women's pocket. Under guidance you can build within 15 minutes your own knife. Pre-registration in the Victorinox store is required. T +41 41 825 60 20 > more


A brandy and liqueur distillery on Lauerzersee in Schwyz. Where probably the best apple liqueur in the world came from. > more



The Seedamm-Center is the biggest shopping mall at the upper lake Zurich. You will find 47 stores on a retail floor area of more than 20'000m². Shop till you drop at several supermarkets and food stores as well as major brand retailers in fashion, shoes, sports, electronics and entertainment, hobby and leisure, health and beauty. Parking facilities include a 3-storey car park and an outdoor parking area amounting up to 1'500 parking lots. > more

Shopping and local markets nearby

Various local markets as well as the city of Rapperswil offer a broad range of local fresh products, clothing, jewellery and more kinds of goods. Enjoy the festive atmosphere during winter time and visit the well-known Christmas Markets of the region. > more

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