We care for people and the environment.

Commitment, the reduction of environmental pollution as well as the sensitisation to sustainable thinking and acting is written in capital letters at SEEDAMM PLAZA. Because nature is close to our hearts, we work faithfully according to the credo:

"As a company, we feel committed to securing a sustainable future. We want to help preserve the basis of life for people, animals and plants for the present and future generations."

"We want to continuously reduce the environmental impact caused by or affecting our company (employees as well as partners and suppliers) and conserve resources by using them sparingly."

"We promote environmental awareness among employees and commit them to environmentally friendly behaviour in the workplace. We communicate regularly about our environmental performance."

A resolution that obliges. The great environmental balance over the last few years illustrates what is possible.


Current information

We are back at your service in compliance with the restrictions COVID-19 of the government.


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